Breakthrough Sessions

A breakthrough session is designed to offer you the opportunity to dedicate the time and attention you need to make the progress you want. 



When you are starting your journey towards healing your relationship with food and weight, this experience offers an opportunity for an in-depth exploration and assessment of your story and core concerns.  Your provider will work with you to uncover how this story has shaped your relationship with food, eating, and your body today.  This process is intended to help you make sense of the unhelpful patterns and beahviors you have with food and identify a clear plan for how to address with your team moving forward.   


As therapy progresses and your develop trust in your therapist and the therapeutic process deepens, themes can emerge that require greater holding and focus.  When coming to a breakthrough day later on in therapy, there is an opportunity to spend a committed session on particular issues or concerns you may have.  Offering dedicated time in this way can provide relief and support at a pace you feel comfortable with.


If you are interested in schedule a breakthrough session, please reach out to us to discuss goals for the session, the amount of time you would like to commit, and pricing.  

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