The Continuum of Care

What is the continuum of care?

The continuum of care includes outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitilization or day treatment, residential treatment, and in-patient. As would be expected, the amount of support an individual receives increases with each level of care. Insurance companies also authorize treatment based on specific criteria for each of these levels of care. The American Psychological Association has stipulated these criteria for multiple dimensions such as use of eating disorder behaviors, outside supports and medical stablity. Some insurance companies follow this criteria while others publish their own. Research has consistantly suggested that the appropriate level of care and stepping through the continuum of care as needed is an important factor in recovery.

How will we know what the right level of care is?

We have both worked extensively across the continuum of care and will continuosly evaluate and recommend the most appropriate level of care for you.

If a higher level of care is recommended, what will your role be throughout that process?

Every treatment facility has different practices for communicating with and incorporating outpatient providers. That said, with a signed release from you, we will communicate with your team throughout your stay as much as is warranted and approprite. Once you are ready to return to outpatient care, we will also make sure to obtain up-to-date details of your progress and current needs so we can pick up as seemlessly and effectively as possible upon your return to us.

Rates & Insurance

When is payment for services due?

Payment in full is due at time of service. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Do you accept insurance

In some instances. Please contact us to determine what benefits you may be able to use for services.

Can I use out-of-network benefits for your services?

Possibly. Most insurance providers offer out-of-network mental health benefits. We suggest that you contact your provider and/or check your benefits carefully to determine what if any out-of-network benefts you have for outpatient behavioral health care.

The Treatment Team

We don't have a "treatment team." What does that that mean and can you help us find one?

A treatment team is a comprehensive and collaborative group of providers experienced in treating eating disorders, their symptoms, and their behaviors. In general, this should consist of a mental health professional, a dietitian, a primary care physician or pediatrician, and potentially a psychiatrist or qualified prescriber. Members of this team should communicate regularly and coordinate your care. Because of our extensive experience in this field and community, we can help you identify providers either within Sundstrom or at other facilities that we believe will be a good fit for you and your particular needs.

Will you communicate with other members of our treatment team?

Absolutely. Because of the complexity of treatment for eating disorders, we will communicate regularly with all members of your team to ensure we are consistent in our work and considering all aspects of your needs and progress.

What if we aren't the right fit? Am I under any obligation to continue working with you?

While we hope that our work together will be meaningful to you and your recovery, you are not under any obligation to continue working with us should you not find that to be the case.

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